An award-winning outreach project, run entirely by student volunteers from the University of Sheffield’s Philosophy department.

Our aims:

To promote opportunities for people of any age or background to engage with Philosophy.

To make Philosophy a subject that is of use and value to both the individual and society.

What We Do

PinC volunteers go into schools and other institutions to teach philosophy and to encourage pupils and residents to think critically about philosophical problems and develop their own ideas. Click here to find out more about what we do.

We have a number of different projects to get involved with whether you are a student yourself, a teacher or just someone who lives in Sheffield – there is something for everyone!

If getting involved with PinC is something you are interested in please get in contact by e-mail at


PinC’s Ethos

 Our aim is to improve the opportunities available to those within the local community to engage with Philosophy. This is important for many reasons, a key one being that it helps to nurture clear, critical and creative thinking, which are skills useful for everyone.

PinC is Opportunity-Enhancing


 By teaching people from all backgrounds how to think critically and argue for their opinion in a clear and convincing way. Philosophy is the best tool for giving anyone the skills needed to think critically, clearly and creatively. This is so important not only academically but also in day to day life – it can aid anything from the writing of a coherent A-level essay to the deciding of which news report to believe.

 By helping children to value their education. We believe that our classroom workshops and our one-to-one mentoring encourage students to take full advantage of their current education, by aiding their academic progress as well as their ability to think deeply and critically.

By encouraging higher education for all. For school children, it is inspiring to engage in conversation with university students who have not only been through primary and secondary school themselves but have gone on to study at degree level. By creating this strong link between the schools in which we teach and the University of Sheffield, we aim to help every student understand that it is possible for them to continue their studies beyond school.


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