PinC’s Current Committee

PinC’s committee has both those who occupy committee positions and those who are links. Links are the volunteers in charge of PinC’s individual projects and therefore manage the volunteers working on their project and liaise with our contact within the institution. Most people who occupy a committee position are also links, although you do not need to be a link to occupy a committee position. If you would like to occupy a committee position or become a link then please contact us.

Philosophy in the City Committee members

PinC’s Committee members; Elliott Woodhouse, Michael Chilton, Emmy Euston, Sarah Manzie, Martha Lee-Harris, Aimee Goldsmith










President: Emmy Euston

Link for King Edwards School

“I oversee the running of Philosophy in the City to ensure that PinC achieves its aims effectively and efficiently. I have been involved in PinC since I came to university in 2014 and I think it is a great way of ensuring that university students contribute to their surrounding society and share their privilege with the wider community.”

Vice President: Elliott Woodhouse

Link for Longley Park

“I assist the President in overseeing the coordination of all PinC’s projects. This involves ensuring that there is good communication between each of the projects and their link, as well as establishing links with new projects. I also have the responsibility of arranging visits to the university for Secondary and Sixth form pupils to experience university style teaching through lectures and seminars.”

Secretary: Sarah Manzie

“My main roles as secretary are to organise meetings, take minutes, book the rooms for meetings, managing the Google Drive/files, keeping mailing lists up-to-date, to co-manage the Gmail account and timetabling.”

Recruitment and Outreach: Martha Lee-Harris

Link for Westways Primary School

“It is my role to recruit as many volunteers as possible so we are able to maintain any ongoing projects. Without our fantastic volunteers we would not be able to work with as many schools and institutions that we currently do. We are always eager to expand PinC with new projects, and it is my role to manage these if our volunteer numbers make it possible.”

Publicity and Social Media: Aimee Goldsmith

“I make sure that the Facebook and Twitter accounts are up to date and efficient in relaying information about upcoming PinC events. I also take care of PinC’s website where students, volunteers and members of the public can look for information about who we are, what we do and how to be part of it.”

Treasurer and Transport: Michael Chilton

Link for Silverdale


Deacon Robinson:

Link for Roundabout


Maya Street:

Link for Westbourne Primary School




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